Innovative creative content production and strategy is the key to attention.

– William Ford – Co-Founder

Forged Media leverages the disconnected marketplace between public relations, social media managers, and production companies. Results are achieved by high-quality production and strategic content distribution ready for scale. By replicating what we have been able to do successfully for previous and clients we are ready to help develop, build, and deploy your brand.


Meet the Founders

William Ford

William functions as Producer and Creative Lead for Forged Media projects.  His 15+ years experience in branding/design and multi-media have prepared him for high-quality video production.

Bryan Gesser

Bryan functions as Lead Editor and Producer for Forged Media projects.  Bryan has over 10 years experience in multi-media production.

We love what we do.

We love to tell people’s stories and connect with their audience.  Creating your brand and delivering that experience to your customers is what we do.

Brand Building
We help you build a brand foundation, creating a look, feel and ultimately experience associated to your brand.
Creative Content Production
Through our innovative creative process, we are able to produce high-quality creative content to create massive organic engagement.
Strategic Distribution
Understanding your business and clients allow us to leverage the most effective networks to maximize the attention to your brand or business.

Drop us a line.

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